Utrecht - In the center of the Netherlands

Utrecht is a city with 2 stations. The main station is Utrecht C.S. (Centraal Station). Northbound is a double track going to Arnhem with continuing service to Baden, Germany. To the South the trains either loop back, or a double track leads to Duren, Venlo, Maastricht, with continued service to Brussels.
     Passenger service northbound is mostly NS blue IC coaches with Class 1200 Electrics which go as far as Baden plus a Class 1100 with double decker commuter cars.
     There is a ICE International NS IC3 through train from Baden to Brussels, with stops in Arnhem and Utrecht CS.
     The other station Utrecht H.S (Hollands Spoor)
     handles mostly local trains to Duren, Venlo and Maastricht. The "Sprinter" is a mainstay. The only international train from H.S. is a Class 1200 with NS Couchette IC+ cars.
     Freight service is hanled mostly by the Class 1100's, an old brown diesel and the new MAK diesel (which is mostly used for unit trains of gasoline cars.
     A new Class 1700 is being phased in.

Here you see the Northern half of town. On the left bottom, oart of the Old Town, with the old tower, is visible. The douible tracks lead to Duren, Venlo & Maastricht and evetually wind up in Brussels. Note the Dutch type catenary.
     In the background is the central station (Utrecht C.S. or Utrecht Centraal) with service to Arnhem and on to Baden, Germany. The single track on the right is a loop back to the North.

The Old Tower

Here is the Old Tower. Note the old "Horch" auto in the back. The next street over has the Red Light District.

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