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Here is Osterheide being built. It is on a single track left towards Munich or Karsfeld and to the right over the Bitschall Bridge to Hagen. Passenger and freight service is planned by the DB - period IV/V Diesels. Way on the top you can see the FO/BVZ meter gauge line Lengmoos - Visp - Zapata. The viaduct right above town is the beginning of the Semmerling Bahn towards the Bern side. Just below the town is a track connecting trains coming from Hagen via the Bitschall Bridge to the SJ station of Lunea. No regular service is planned as yet

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This is the view somewhat to the right (notice the "Postbus" in both pictures), and below. The track going over the steel girder bridge, is the line from Kiruna and Riksgraensen on the left and Lulea on the right. Heavy electric LKAB (Lulea-Kiruna AB) ore trains use this track.

In this shot,the period IIIa train D Munich-Hagen-Kiruna, pulled by a DB V160 (Lollo)is waiting to enter the Kiruna - Luneau line just before Riksgrensen.

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This is the same view from a little farther away. Here you can see from the top, the last viaduct of the Semmerling Bahn above town. the town situated on the Munich/Feldkirch - Hagen line, the connection with waiting Lollo with D Train, the Steel Girder Bridge of the Kiruna-Lunea line and at the bottom the Tunnel of the Oerrebahn - from the name of the mine at Oerre Skansk. The line also is the end part of the Harrisburg - Altoona line.

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Here a closer look at Osterheide Town and Station

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The "Postbus" from Visp

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