This is Lengmoos Bahnhof. It is used both by the RhB (Rhaetische Bahn), FO (Furka Oberalb Bahn) as well as the BVZ (Brig Visp Zermatt). This is a meter guage railroad. At present the only motive power is a FO De 4/4 which from Lengmoos goes to Neufeld (Hoch) and Zapata. Leaving Lengmoos it shares the OBB bridge of the Semmerling-Bregenz line. After leaving the bridge it mounts steeply on a rack railway until it passes just below Castle Peak. Due to the steep sides,and frequent slides, the catenary is the single strand FO type so that it can be repaired/removed easily. Belos the castle the trains enters a tunnel to emerge at the FO Neufeld (Hoch) station. Immediately leaving this station, the track crosses the Oster valley on a long metal girder bridge, then a viaduct past the Berner Oberland Jura and finally ending in lush Zapata. There are spectacular views along the way. Tourists can make use of a BVZ panorama car.

Hotel Savoy overlooks Lengmoos and Bregenz

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