This is the small town of Kottenforst .  It is directly located on a single track line that branches from the Mannheim-Munich main line through Osterheide, over the Bitschal Bridge end  in Bamberg with a spur to Marktredwitz. The station is the rightmost building. The town is know for its charming architecture, small restaurants and scenic panorama. Also, it is home to a large sanatorium/clinic  located on on the top left of the picture.

Apart from the quaint "Postbus" which runs between Osterheide and Kottenforst, it can be reached either by taking  a through train from Mannheim to Bamberg and then changing to the DB Local (BR 642)  Bamberg-Kottenforst-Osterheide-Bad Toelz.

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Here you can see where we are in the layout. You can click on the picture and it will zoom-it will really zoom!- Try it, then click again and it will return to its smaller size.

First, the large circular construction on top right is a temporary turnaround.

Above the town, directly above the station, you can see the last catenary mast of the unfinished SBB Main Line from Bern to Neuchatel. Directly to the right is a dam which is a major source of eectric power for the region. The Generating Station "Kraftwerk Eisenfeld" is visible in the center to the bottom right of the large tubes.

The bridge directly below the town is a single line electrified spur of the LKAB.

Below that is a double track main line from Brussels-South (Bruxelles-Midi) to Paris-Est. In this picture you can see that as it comes out of a tunnel on the left, it passes over a bridge, past the Kraftwerk, into a collonade.

Then below that in the right lower corner,(or lower left in the bottom picture) the UP (Union Pacific) tracks are visible (Yes, it is strange, but I determine the geography!)

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Here a view from above the colonade over the Brussels-Paris line.

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