Location & Description

The layout is located in my basement and has approximately 3000 square feet space available. It is partially finished and probably will never be done.
     My layout is entirely European, but I am not a fanatic (I see nothing wrong with a 1950 NS Diesel pulling Erie Lackawanna and Royal Bavarian RR hopper cars laden with coal). It is 3 rail AC, mostly Marklin, but some HAG, ROCO and others.
     I model from the 1920's through today. The countries represented are: Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Austria,Belgium, France and Italy. I had plans for Scandinavia, but my wife turned it into an extra bed room. I have trains representing other countries that originate in hidden stations.
     The layout has many levels. At some points the train will pass under a walkway, and other places over my head. Ducking is required in places.

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