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This is a view of the "Stationsstraat" , the street that runs paralel to the tracks and Railroad station.

It is still early because there is no traffic and the sidewalks are empty.

It could use a visit from the roads department.

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Here is a view from the RR tracks into town. The street going off to the right is "De Pijp"

The train in the foreground is a NS
Plan V "Hondenkop" EMU. These can be coupled in multiple units. This particular EMU is an Express train "Sneltrein" to Utrecht CS.

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Here is "De PijP" seen from the other direction- to the right going to the Stationsstraat.

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Hre is the "Buitenweg". This street runs paralel to the Stationsstraat, 2 blocks away. Although blurry, one can see that there is lots of traffic. For those natives, the yellow NZH bus in the distance is clearly recognizable.

The Emergency Vehicle with the red cross belongs to the "GGD", municipal health service.

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Here is the "Hoofdstraat", which goes from the Buitenweg directly to the station.

This was taken during the day as is obvious from the lively vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

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Buitenweg meets Stationsstraat. The blue bus turning the corner is the KLM bus that is on the way to the German town of Eschbronn, then down the mountain to Salzgitter.

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Now a look at the busy station, from direction Utrecht.

On the right on track 1 is the NS Plan V Hondekop Express to Utrecht discussed above.

In the middle,on track 2, is another Plan V, which is about to go out of service.

To the left on track 4 is the Intercity to Utrecht, Venlo and Masstricht. In this case the Push Pull train, made up of double decker cars is pushed by a NS Series 1700.

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Last, a view from the other side, looking west.

The Plan V on track 2 is on the left. On the right is a NS 1300 (which still has the tail lights just under the roof), which is waiting for the Inter City to Maastricht to depart. The left corner of the 1700 can just be seen beyond the 1300.

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